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I like new friends because I can reuse old jokes

(via pendents)

the problem with tumblr

  • tumblr: we want people of every gender orientation and sexuality to be accepted!
  • tumblr: unless you're cisgendered and heterosexual
  • tumblr: never objectify a woman's body!
  • tumblr: but hey look at this great photoset of Jensen Ackles's ass
  • tumblr: all ships are good ships!
  • tumblr: unless you're OTPs are anything but Johnlock and Destiel
  • tumblr: agnostic? cool. atheist? cool. Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist? cool.
  • tumblr: christian? you must be a homophobic, pro-rape asshole in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church
  • tumblr: freedom of expression! it's your body, do what you want!
  • tumblr: but if you decide to wear your hair a certain way and act like yourself, we will hate you relentlessly and say you ruin every post
  • tumblr: accept everyone!
  • tumblr: and by that we mean if you're in a major fandom and deviate from social norms
  • tumblr: never send hate!
  • tumblr: oh my god you don't know who Castiel is why do you even bother going on tumblr? get out.
  • tumblr: mental illness and suicide aren't a joke!
  • tumblr: oh my god this show is so sad where's the nearest bridge i can jump off of?
  • tumblr: this is a safe place
  • tumblr: but only if you meet certain requirements

Why yes I did just pull out my phone to alleviate the awkward when you chose to not acknowledge my existence.